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The Danish Living collection embodies Scandinavian simplicity, beauty and style, offering undeniable quality down to the finest detail. Danish Living was born from a passion for Scandinavian design, craftsmanship and innovation. We are a small group of Danish and Australian kith and kin with powerful ties to both countries, and to each other, sharing a mutual dedication and pride in delivering outstanding pieces to cherish each day and to last beyond a lifetime.

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The Danish Living collection honours the long-standing and distinctively Scandinavian design tradition of durability, aesthetics and connection to nature. We proudly offer sustainably sourced products of top quality that don’t cost the earth, figuratively or literally. The collection incorporates both internationally acclaimed brands as well as unique items from some exceptional Danish designers and architects. Danish Living aims to expertly manage the fine balance between contemporary freshness and loyalty to classic Scandinavian history. We are constantly evolving and adapting our range, engaging with new designers and tracking contemporary trends worldwide.

With bases in both Denmark and Australia, the Danish Living team are working in constant collaboration to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. Combined, we offer a unique approach to bringing Scandinavian homewares and lifestyle to the southern hemisphere.

Some experiences in this world can’t quite be captured with language. There are times when a feeling is palpable and energising, yet almost impossible to pinpoint or fully describe. Danish Living strives to offer such sensations, through a consolidation of simplicity and detail, aesthetics and function, authenticity and durability. It is reminiscent of the Danish art of ‘Hygge’, encompassing feelings of being glad, gratified and grateful, but a sensation that exists beyond what language can do justice.